BV Satyaram

Entrepreneur, Educational Enthusiast

BV Satyaram, called BV in short, is CEO and Founder of CodeAstra, father to a cute toddling son, husband to a beautiful wife, son to a responsible couple, and the list goes on. While at office, he is generally seen hacking with his "nerd" setup at office. While at home, he is generally seen convincing his toddler son to do things the right way.

BV's biggest desire is to stay updated with the upcoming technologies, tools, and libraries. It is this desire that makes him stay up till late night and survive with about 25 hours of sleep every week.

He loves teaching Physics and Software Development. Trying new food, long drive, and travel are few of his favorite pass times. While he claims to be a decent cook, his wife certifies him to be the world's worst cook.

Playing Guitar, workout, sleeping early, and waking up early are few of the things he has been trying to get to for a real long time but no way close to achieving any of them. He is probably the world's best person to give an excuse to stay away from any of these!