If you're curious about what I'm up to right now, here's the latest.

I’m home in Hyderabad, India.


Dhruva, my son, has turned 9 months a couple of days ago. My wife and I are enjoying every development we see with Dhruva. I'm committed to give him my full attention for around 30 hours every week.


I am working on CodeAstra growth. I am generally excited to learn new things and I spend a lot of time in learning new things. I am trying hard to refrain from this for the next few weeks to put my maximum efforts directed towards CodeAstra's growth.


I have been quite inactive with my friends and network lately. I will aim to get back closer to my network with in the next few weeks.


I am currently reading:

I would like to read the following books later:


To concentrate more on CodeAstra's growth, I am trying to spend a little less time on learning for the next few weeks. I am putting a temporary pause to my thirst to learn newer technologies and read about upcoming tools/libraries. I am trying to understand Machine Learning better, so that I can make few architectural decisions realting to ML.

Other Stuff:

We, at CodeAstra, have started to have weekly sporting activities. Though it is not daily, it is better than no sport at all! We are find the weekly sporting activites to not only recharge our spirits, but also help team building.

My aim to sleep early and wake up early is still an aim to reach. I will have to keep my work more streamlined to allow me to achieve this schedule and also get to a regular workout rhythm.